What’s Best for Backyard Patio, Cement or Pavers? Here are 3 Benefits of Each

What’s Best for Backyard Patio, Cement or Pavers? Here are 3 Benefits of Each

What’s Best For Backyard Patio, Cement or Pavers? Here Are 3 Benefits of Each

whats-best-for-backyard-patio-cement-or-pavers-here-are-3-benefits-of-eachWhether you are playing scorekeeper for your kids’ soccer game, enjoying the sunrise, or having a backyard barbecue; the backyard patio is a refreshing aspect of your property. If you are planning to put in a patio, then you will want to understand which material is good for it and why. Cement and pavers are two popular choices. Both materials offer unique benefits. Cement offers the advantage of a durable surface while pavers are individual pieces that could have a square-edged or interlocking design.

Read below to learn about the benefits both cement and pavers offer so that you can make an educated decision based on your preferences.

Benefits of Cement

Following are some key benefits of cement:

1. Cost Effective

Traditionally, cement has been one of the most commonly used patio materials. It’s per square foot cost is relatively lower than most other materials, making it a natural choice for many homeowners. Furthermore, cement also offers savings on time and labor costs because it is relatively easier to install as compared to installing pavers, which require tedious ground preparation because the base must be packed well otherwise the pieces won’t settle.

2. Maintenance-Free

Cement is practically maintenance-free, particularly if you seal the slabs. This is because it makes the surface resistant to all kinds of stains and spills. With pavers, the material itself requires little maintenance but the spaces between each piece often require regular care because moss, grass, and weeds will grow in these joints.

3. Durable

Cement is significantly more durable as compared to pavers. However, ground movement can affect it, making it prone to cracking especially if the soil underneath it is unstable. Even then, the surface will remain flat. Pavers on the other hand, could become tripping hazards if some of them shift up due to ground movement.

Benefits of Pavers

Following are some key benefits of pavers:

1. Great Visual Appeal

No doubt pavers are visually superior as compared to plain grey cement. The texture and colors of pavers exhibit natural charm. While many techniques can be applied to transform the appearance of cement, this material is still not as a good as pavers in terms of overall look and appearance.

2. Pavers Don’t Crack Easily

If properly looked after, pavers can last a lifetime. They require low maintenance, giving you more time to enjoy your time in your backyard patio instead of maintaining it. However, pavers do require regular hosing down to remove any excess debris or dirt that may appear from the surroundings.

3. Cheap Repair and Replacement

Cracking is usually caused by weather conditions and earth movement. If there is a crack in a paver, you can simply remove and replace it to restore the new look. There won’t be any indications of cracking. As compared to this, the cracking in a cement slab is difficult to fix. The entire slab would have to be removed and laid again. It takes relatively more time and is also expensive.

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