Take Care of Your Outdoor Water Features with These 5 Maintenance Tips

Take Care of Your Outdoor Water Features with These 5 Maintenance Tips

Take Care of Your Outdoor Water Features with These 5 Maintenance Tips


Water Feature maintenance

Water features add character to unused areas of your yard, with ponds and fountains providing a wonderful aesthetic for any outdoor area. Whether using as a centerpiece for your garden or for a tranquil spot to relax and unwind, a water feature is a fantastic addition that could increase the value of your property. However, water features require regular maintenance to stay in working condition. This isn’t for the lazy either, as there is a fair amount of work required to keep your water feature looking its best.

Take care of your outdoor water features with these 5 maintenance tips!

1. Avoid direct sunlight
If you’ve yet to install a water feature, be mindful of sunny spots that cause algae and other nasty organisms to develop in the water. Sunlight also causes evaporation, so water features in sunny spots naturally require more maintenance – avoid the sunniest spots for a water feature to minimize maintenance!

2. Small daily cleaning makes a big difference
One of the easiest ways to keep a water feature well maintained is to regularly clean it. Even just checking it each day and removing any pieces of debris goes a long way to maintain the feature, preventing more significant issues from developing over the long term.
A small net makes this process quick and easy – give your water feature a once over every day or two for easier maintenance!

3. Test the water weekly
If you have a water feature that has fish such as a pond, then you will want to check the quality of the water about once a week. Water testing kits are affordable and easy to use, letting you know whether there is too much chemicals in the water that could harm animals or plants.

4. Change water twice a year
Even the best maintained water features need their water changed, so aim to do this twice a year for the best results. You won’t need to replace the entirety of the water, instead replace between 15-20% to help reduce pollutants, debris, and other organic waste. Doing so prevents unwanted growth while maintaining a healthy habitat for any fish or animals living in the water. For other features without animals, replacing the water helps to prevent long term damage to components and issues such as clogging.

5. Inspect water feature when changing water
When doing your twice-yearly water change, take the time to look over the feature for signs of wear and tear. Inspect pumps, filters, and clogs for any damage, blockages, or leaks, taking the time to complete repairs if you come across any issues.

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