Use These 7 Types of Plants for Easy Maintenance of Your Backyard Landscaping

Use These 7 Types of Plants for Easy Maintenance of Your Backyard Landscaping

Types of Plants for Easy Maintenance of Your Backyard LandscapingWhy spend countless hours attempting to maintain your backyard when you can spend more time relaxing in it? That’s exactly what you can expect when choosing low-maintenance plants that offer the perfect balance between being attractive and easy to keep alive.
Most people think that low maintenance plants need to be bland and boring – it’s the complete opposite! There are countless plants that are simple to care for while adding natural beauty to your backyard landscaping, letting you enjoy a beautiful outdoor space without having to meticulously care for everything.

Here are 7 plants for easy maintenance in your backyard landscaping:

A staple of any low-maintenance garden, coneflowers are a great addition to an outdoor space thanks to their gorgeous flowers that are bursting with color. Suitable in both wet and drier climates, coneflowers are perfectly fine in shade or full sun, meaning you don’t need to worry about placement or the weather ruining them.

Available in a variety of colors, they attract all kinds of wildlife such as bees, butterflies, and birds, making them a great feature in any backyard.

A popular wildflower, yarrow survives all conditions and doesn’t need much care. Simply plant the seeds, watch them bloom and enjoy! They add a nice touch of greenery to a space and boasts a lengthy bloom in a variety of colours, while their hardy nature makes them ideal for a low-maintenance garden.

Creeping Thyme
A perennial ground cover, creeping thyme adds both color and fragrance to your backyard landscape, while they can even be used for cooking. Suitable in most warm climates, they need very little watering and can survive drought conditions with ease, while their white flowers attract bees and butterflies too.

Ornamental Grasses
There are many types of ornamental grass, such as switchgrass, blue fescue, and maiden grass, all of which are simple to care for and add lots of foliage to your backyard. Because there are so many varieties, it’s a good idea to speak with local landscapers too see what works best in your region or head to a local garden center to see what’s available there.

With its beautiful purple flowers and pleasant aroma, lavender is a great low maintenance plant for gardens, requiring just the occasional watering. They are very hardy too, coming back each year without very little care needed beyond the occasional pruning.

A favorite of low-maintenance gardens, Hosta is a fine choice for backyard landscapes that have lots of shaded areas. Simple to grow and a big of shade, Hosta is teeming with rich foliage and blooms in the summer months with gorgeous purple and white flowers.

Witch Hazel
A shrub that is simple to care for, witch hazel boasts an early spring bloom that adds a burst of color to the backyard while the foliage thrives in direct sunlight. It doesn’t need any special care beyond pruning to shape the shrub.

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