5 Drought Tolerant Landscaping Ideas to Consider for Your Home

5 Drought Tolerant Landscaping Ideas to Consider for Your Home

drought tolerant landscape ideasLiving in drought-prone areas makes maintaining your outdoor living space quite the challenge. A lack of regular water has the potential to completely ruin a beautiful landscape, especially when you need to be careful about water conservation during peak drought.

Many people simply give up hope of enjoying a beautiful landscape simply because they live in such a dry part of the country.
However, creating a beautiful landscape that thrives in drought conditions is certainly possible. You just need to plan a suitable landscape that has features designed to handle long periods of drought. There many great drought tolerant landscaping ideas well worth trying – here are 5 to consider for your home!

1. Install an artificial lawn
It is impossible to have to a lush green lawn during drought without wasting a massive amount of water on irrigation. Because of this, most people are happy to let their lawns go without water for most of the dry season, leading to brown and dying grass that isn’t easy on the eye.

A simple solution to this problem is to install an artificial lawn. Not only do you get a vibrant lawn year-round, you also never need to worry about the all the maintenance needed to keep a lawn good and healthy throughout the year.

2. Ditch the lawn completely
Another way to get rid of the hassle of trying to keep a lawn alive during a drought is to just remove it completely! Stone materials like gravel work well in outdoor landscapes, while pavers can be used to create winding walkways throughout the landscape, offering a sleek modern aesthetic.

Better still, it requires no maintenance beyond the occasional weeding, while you can add pots and drought-tolerant plants onto the surface to add bursts of nature throughout. A firepit is also a nice centerpiece in this style of landscape!

3. Drought tolerant plants offer a natural aesthetic
Ditching plants is unnecessary when it comes to drought – simply add plants that are tolerant to the weather conditions!
Succulents and cactuses are a great example of drought-tolerant plants that work well in landscaping. They come in various shapes and sizes, with foliage and blooms being a great way to add color, texture, and life to a drought ridden landscape.

4. Ornamental grass adds foliage
Ornamental grasses offer similar benefits to succulents and are good for adding diverse foliage in various colours throughout the landscape. Furthermore, there are several types of ornamental grasses that handle drought, including fountain grass, blue oat grass, blue fescue, and purple fountain grass.

5. Use perennials in flower beds for vibrant blooms
Most flower beds struggle to survive in drought-prone landscapes, but there are a few exceptions that can be taken advantage of. For instance, perennial plants are generally much more hard-wearing than annuals, allowing colourful flowerbeds to remain part of the landscape.

Russian sage, yarrow, salvia, lavender, and blanket flower are all fantastic drought-resistant perennials that add a diverse range of colors and textures to a flower bed. Better still, combine these with succulents, cactuses, and ornamental grasses to create breathtaking flower beds throughout the landscape.

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