7 Creative Ways to Decorate Your Patio Cover for Christmas

7 Creative Ways to Decorate Your Patio Cover for Christmas

creative ways to decorate your patio cover for christmasDon’t forget making the external part of your home presentable for Christmas before you get started on indoor decoration. If you forget your patio, then there will be a sure gap. Guests will first see your house’s front before entering your home. So, it is very important to create a welcoming feel by decorating your patio cover. Whether you are going for a rustic look or a natural one, the ideas are numerous.

Following are 7 creative ways to decorate your patio cover for Christmas:

1. Cover it With Snow
Cover your patio cover with snow. If possible, do it the same for the patio as well. Put a fake one if you want to eliminate the risk of slipping on ice. It is highly recommended that you simply let the nature do its job. Furthermore, decorate the cover with pine needles. The lights would set the perfect ambience before your guests step inside the house.

2. Fairy Lights and Candles
Every year, more and more families are decorating their patio covers with brilliant lights of all colors to celebrate this special time of the year. Apart from adding lights indoors, you should extend them into your patio/patio cover and add to the jolly mood. Fill the patio area with nostalgia inducing decorations with candles and yellow fairy lights.

3. Tinsel and Bunting
Extremely decorative and inexpensive, you cannot have Christmas without tinsel. Quite sturdy against the elements and easy to hang and drape, tinsel will transform your patio area into a Christmas cave. Get your children to create some traditional bunting, a great alternative to store-bought decorations and hang them from the patio cover.

4. Put Bare Branches
Put bare branches on the patio cover for a mystic look. They should be painted white as they will add a unique and pleasant theme. Furnish the patio cover with winter tree leaves and place winter plants on all sides of the patio.

5. Garland and Red Bows
The combination of garland, red bows, and white lights is a simple Christmas decorating idea but it is amazingly beautiful for a patio cover.

6. The Christmas Tree
Place a Christmas tree near the patio. Use one of your indoor Christmas trees for this purpose. If you want a different tree than the one you have indoors, then it is recommended that you use a more natural decoration on the tree with poinsettia, pine cones, and twine garlands. You can also go with wreath ornaments for a natural look. It’s better to use the ones that are made of potted pine tree and twine. They will help create a humble Christmas tree look. If you wish, wrap gifts and stack them under the tree. Finally, complete the look by putting baskets full of berries and winter leaves.

7. Color Selection
It is recommended that you go with traditional colors; green and red. Rather than hanging white snowflake mobiles, use the red ones and wrap green garlands. If you use pine needles for garlands, then it will have a more natural look. You can always display a few pine cones if you want added effect for the patio cover.

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