Need A New Wall For Your Backyard? 4 Cost Effective Types Of Walls To Consider Having Built

Need A New Wall For Your Backyard? 4 Cost Effective Types Of Walls To Consider Having Built

cost effective backyard wallIf you are thinking of adding a new wall to your backyard there are plenty of great options available. Garden walls are versatile, so there are certainly many options to choose from, including many that offer cost-effective solutions for anyone on a budget.

With the right wall in your backyard, you can significantly increase the aesthetic of your outdoor space, especially when utilizing retaining walls to create new features in the yard. Also, a wall in the right spot can increase privacy, shield you from wind, and add a desired boundary for your yard.

Here are 4 cost effective types of walls to consider having built in your backyard:

Concrete Wall
Concrete walls are becoming an increasingly popular fixture in backyards, with many preferring this cost-effective wall material over a traditional wooden fence. The material is cheap and incredibly versatile, allowing for a wide range of wall styles to be created.
Whether a boundary or retaining wall, concrete is a fantastic material as it is very durable, can be molded in different ways to create different looks (e.g. poured concrete, plain blocks, interlocking blocks etc.)

Brick Wall
While slightly more expensive than concrete, brick walls are still an affordable option for the backyard and offer endless style options that make them very popular. Great for retaining walls and boundaries, bricks produce a pleasant aesthetic in any yard, making them a fine choice for those that want an attractive wall in their outdoor space.

They are very durable, eco-friendly, and resistant to the elements, so you can expect to get plenty of value for your money when investing in a good brick wall. Better still, they require very little maintenance, retaining most of its color so you don’t need to paint it often if at all.

Stone Veneer
A stone veneer wall offers the luxurious aesthetic of a natural stone wall but at a fraction of the cost. The veneer is applied to any vertical wall, typically those made from concrete blocks, offering a gorgeous look for a reasonable investment.

They are mostly used for retaining walls, making them a great choice for adding that wow-factor to landscaped areas of your backyard. Also, stone veneer is highly durable and can be built into virtually any style of retaining wall, so you’ll have plenty of design options when it comes to choosing your wall.

A cheap option for retaining walls, wood offers a natural look for a very reasonable price, making them a popular choice for budget backyard landscape projects. The lifespan of the wall is limited however, but with a good landscaper you can expect to get up to 20 years from a wooden retaining wall.

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