The 5 Most Important Steps in Maintaining Your Artificial Turf

The 5 Most Important Steps in Maintaining Your Artificial Turf

The 5 Most Important Steps in Maintaining Your Artificial Turf

maintaining your artificial turfOne of the primary advantages of artificial turf is that is doesn’t require much maintenance. However, this should not be interpreted

as the turf not requiring any maintenance at all because you will need to take care of it in order to make sure that it keeps its appearance and has a much longer lifespan. Maintaining an artificial turf is quite simple, but if it is ignored it can quickly lead to the surface’s deterioration. That’s why it is important to keep on top of the small tasks included in the maintenance.

Following are 5 most important steps in maintaining your artificial turf:

1. Brushing

Based on your usage, it is recommended that you brush your artificial turf surface as much as possible. You should do it in several directions as well. Regular brushing of the artificial turf has many advantages.

Here are some advantages of brushing:
• It prevents the pile from becoming flattened.
• It returns the infill to the turf structure and prevents it from working its way to the surface again.
• It prevents compaction.

2. Leaf Collection

Leaf collection is a small task, however if it is neglected then it can lead to surface deterioration. It is recommended that you remove the debris from the surface by brushing and by hand. This will prevent organic matter from building up in the structure of the turf. If it is allowed to accumulate, then weed growth will become more likely because the drainage will be affected.

3. Weed Killing

Use a water-based weed killer to kill moss and weed whenever needed. Using a water-based weed killer will ensure that there is no vegetation on the artificial turf. It is also recommended that you remove/sweep all dead matter from the surface. If there are airborne spores, then pull them out of the surface as well.

4. Dealing with Spills

Virtually all modern artificial turfs are stain resistant and you can easily wash away anything that is dropped with water. If you are concerned about bacteria, then it is recommended that you use a half-and-half mix of vinegar and water. Never use strong chemical-based detergents as they may damage the turf.

5. Things That Should Never to Come into Contact with Your Artificial Turf

It is recommended that you make sure that the following things never come into contact with your artificial turf:
• Barbecues
• Motorcycles, cars, and heavy vehicles
• Adhesives and chewing gum
• Fire, fireworks, cigarettes
• Glass and sharp objects

Regular maintenance of your artificial turf is highly beneficial as it will keep the turf’s fantastic appearance for years to come. Performing the simple maintenance tasks listed above will save you from needing to carry out more drastic work in the future. Apart from these small maintenance tasks, it is also recommended that you use the services of a professional company that specializes in artificial turfs to carry out annual maintenance to keep it looking in tip-top condition. Any repairs should also be done by professionals.

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