4 Reasons Why Pavers Are Such A Good Choice for Landscaping Improvements

4 Reasons Why Pavers Are Such A Good Choice for Landscaping Improvements

pavers are a good choice for landscapingWhether it’s for pool decking, a walkway, a patio sitting area, or a driveway, pavers are one of the best choices in every landscape design. There are a lot of reasons why pavers have captured such a huge part of the landscape flooring market. The benefits they offer are numerous and that’s what makes them so popular.

Following are 4 reasons why pavers are such a good choice for landscaping improvements:

1. Flexibility in Design
Pavers come in a wide range of colors, textures, and patterns from combinations of units that mimic stylish European cobblestone to contemporary patterns. Since they are molded, texture can be created to resemble a brick. Apart from this, they can also be created to resemble a rounded stone or even a piece of cut flagstone.

Pavers are generally laid to follow the terrain because they are smaller units. You can install them directly on the contours of your land. If you have a driveway with slopes, then pavers will look natural over the landscape. You don’t need to have sections that are as leveled when installing pavers as you would when using wood.

2. Low Maintenance
Unlike real stone or wood, concrete pavers do not react to absorption of water. If not sealed to resist the penetration of water, wood will eventually rot. Real stone is also vulnerable to constant moisture. Pavers on the other hand, do absorb water but they don’t change their structure. They don’t become weakened or flake by the presence of moisture or water.

Debris that naturally accumulates on pavers simply needs to be hosed or swept off. You can use a sealer; however, it is not required. You should only use sealers if you want to give your pavers an enhanced tone. Sealers also help with stain absorption because concrete pavers are porous just like natural stone.

3. Pavers Will Not Crack
Pavers are crack free, especially when compared to regular concrete. Their inherent design allows them to move and flex due to their many dry joints between the individual pavers. Only a compacted aggregate base and sand is used in the installation, poured concrete is not used. You can either have plastic edge restraints designed for your pavers or have them packed with concrete along the outer perimeter.

4. Reasonable Cost
If you compare the cost of alternative flooring surfaces, you will come to know that pavers are in the mid-range of all the options available in the market. Materials such as flagstone or higher end travertine are at the top along with composite wood or premium wood. Basic gravel, basic natural gray poured concrete, and loose flagstone pieces set in sand are at the low end of landscape flooring options. Because of these low-end landscape options, most of our sidewalks and driveways use basic natural gray concrete. But if you want to get something that has a more exciting look and feel and don’t mind to stretch your budget a bit, then pavers are a great choice.

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